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This creature calls it's self a man and I truly think it believes that it is.In fact it is far from it, a horror show of lies, slander, and useless posturing is the only thing that keeps him alive anymore.

If it weren't for being King High Pubah of Satanism/*** Mountain, it would've died long ago. Pointing fingers and imposing his own sick twisted fetishes upon every organization, Tom Erik Raspotnik/GM Blackwood, Defends his tiny little ego. Speaking of tiny and little, the only thing smaller than it's ego is it's sad excuse for a baby ***. Maybe trying to rule *** Mountain is him trying to compensate for something?

I think so. After my private investigation team and myself wasted hours of man time we uncovered a disgusting network of *** accumulated beneath this monster. A slew of Fraudulent Websites and profiles, just to begin with, ranging from ebay pages in which he sold "spells" for any occasion; for prices ranging from 50$ to 499.99$ with no verification of completion of said "magical operations". After tracking his IP address over several states we discovered that he was not only a strong supporter of a Man/Boy sexual organization but a Card Holding Member of said organization, while NAMBLA has denied all phone calls regarding Tom Erik Raspotnik the proof is in the pudding.

You cannot hide from us Tom, we will uncover everything you've been working so hard to hide.

You will be exposed for the disgusting abomination that you are.Welcome to the real world.

The entire Satanic religion is laughing at the truths that you are facing and when you crumble, even the stain that you have left upon our society will be washed clean.

Monetary Loss: $1972.

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Interested Readers

Internet Response to Commentaries About Reverend Tom Erik Raspotnik, Tom Erik Raspotnik, Grand Magister Blackwood, Flagship Radio, Church of Theistic Satanism, Flagship Media.

As the C.E.O. Of Flagship Radio, Founder of the Church of Theistic Satanism I hereby condemn the actions of the posters who have posted fraudulent internet postings of me, my church or any other activities I have been accused of.

1. There are no criminal records in the State of Michigan regarding any business or action or activities of myself.

2. My personal tax records and settlements with the I.R.S. Appear as a record of previous business closings and are not criminal.

3. There are some questionable actions as my I.R.S. Compliant Church did file 501-3-C paperwork but did not seek the the actions after legal compliance to I. R. S. guidelines and because of my separate PRIVATE corporations filed in other states and other locations some Michigan records remain incomplete at this time.

The postings that are fraudulent and accusations are false and legal means have been sought to purge much of the information that has been created in an attempt to slander and libel my name by business associates and those of other religions who seek to halt my notoriety within the Occult.

I in the past have created Social Media Enemies by exposing the rapists and molesters and others in media releases, but I myself or employees or clergy of my...

Should you seek any information on my companies or Churches or enterprises you can contact me directly at Tom Erik Raspotnik 488 Harvey, Shelby MI 49455

Thank You

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